Donation for Good is a personal initiative of Andrey Gubskiy aimed at raising funds to support charity projects and defenders of Ukraine.

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Help defenders of Ukraine!


Help defenders of Ukraine

The war has left its mark on the life of each Ukrainian. There is hardly anyone among us who does not have a friend or relative serving in the army right now.

Many of the people we know and love became victims of missile attacks. We all have experienced the changes this war has brought.

A close friend of my father's, who spares no effort in the struggle to liberate Ukraine and its citizens, is fighting on the front line today. His unit is currently in urgent need of our support.

To track enemy activity and reduce losses among Ukraine's defenders, the unit at the front line requires two one DJI Mavic 3 Fly More drone. Our goal is to raise $6,800 (250`000 UAH) $3,200 (115,000 UAH).

Today, I ask you to join this fundraising and help Ukraine's defenders stay safer.

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